School Violence: Bringing Light to a Dark Issue

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Seemingly every day, headlines are becoming more devastating in the realm of school climate.  Polarizing politics involving gun control and mental health regulations, leads to feeling overwhelmed and incapable of making positive and lasting changes.  As a parent and mental health professional, I began thinking about what I could do. These are a few ideas […]

3 Steps Show Your Child You Love Them

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Sobbing. Where is that crying coming from? You think to yourself. Opening the door to her room, Sandy is curled up on her bed, sobbing into her pillow. Sitting gently on the bed, your hand slowly settles on her back and she jumps. Quickly, she dries her eyes without looking at you. She sits up, […]

Scriptures And Affirmations For Parents

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A parent picks up a child from Mother’s Day Out. A normally high energy child plops down on my chair and sighs. Their head hits the couch behind them and he refuses to meet my eyes. “Hard day, huh?” “Mom” the small voice sighs. “Am I going to Hell?” My heart stops and I immediately […]

Technology: The Good, The Bad And The Boundary

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The Good Technology is a wonderful way to engage young minds and supplement learning.  Games, shows, and videos are stimulating and captivating!  YouTube has taught my family how to fix a myriad of household troubles as well as entertained our family with silly videos and shows. Visual learning is a primary form of intaking and […]

Tough Talks: Focus

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Focus. My husband teaches photography at a local high school. He repeats over and over instructions on how to get a beautiful, clear picture. He teaches focusing with different kinds of cameras, but he also talks about different points of focus, and how to use elements in the photo to draw the observer’s eye to […]

Sports: Prime time or Overtime

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Youth Sports. There is nothing that brings joy to a parent’s heart quite like seeing their little ballerina dancing across a stage in full (and most darling!) costume or watching their soccer player, all knees and elbows, running wildly across the field after scoring a goal.   Sports are commonly encouraged in children to help […]

Holiday Chaos Managed

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There is wrapping paper everywhere, too many sweets on the counter, and momma is worried, almost to the point of tears. Did we get the right thing? Have we celebrated the season? My kids won’t want to come home when they are an adult if they remember what just happened! Never fear! Acorn is here […]

My Kid? Misbehave at school?!

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Ridin along in my automobile. My baby beside, me at the wheel. I stole a hug at the school turnstile. My curiosity runnin wild. Cruisin and playin the radio, With no particular place to go. Life is Good And then… ask how their day went. “Mom, my teacher is too strict. I’ve already been to […]