Technology: The Good, The Bad And The Boundary

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The Good Technology is a wonderful way to engage young minds and supplement learning.  Games, shows, and videos are stimulating and captivating!  YouTube has taught my family how to fix a myriad of household troubles as well as entertained our family with silly videos and shows. Visual learning is a primary form of intaking and […]

Tough Talks: Focus

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Focus. My husband teaches photography at a local high school. He repeats over and over instructions on how to get a beautiful, clear picture. He teaches focusing with different kinds of cameras, but he also talks about different points of focus, and how to use elements in the photo to draw the observer’s eye to […]

Sports: Prime time or Overtime

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Youth Sports. There is nothing that brings joy to a parent’s heart quite like seeing their little ballerina dancing across a stage in full (and most darling!) costume or watching their soccer player, all knees and elbows, running wildly across the field after scoring a goal.   Sports are commonly encouraged in children to help […]

Holiday Chaos Managed

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There is wrapping paper everywhere, too many sweets on the counter, and momma is worried, almost to the point of tears. Did we get the right thing? Have we celebrated the season? My kids won’t want to come home when they are an adult if they remember what just happened! Never fear! Acorn is here […]

Guest Blog by Marc Thompson with New Day Services

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Every so often, I meet people who have a similar mission to mine: to strengthen families, strengthen children, and strengthen our communities. Typically, their mission statement is not an almost exact replica of mine! I met with Marc and his coworker David today and was so impressed, I asked them to do a guest blog. […]

Tragedy: When a Child Dies

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A Community Changes We were having an afternoon like any other Sunday afternoon, when my husband read his email. He called me over, had me read it and we hugged. Then we quickly got the kids to eat, change, and go to a candlelight vigil for a family from our school. A child we have […]

Acorn Education Digest April 2016

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Acorn Digest April 2016 Read articles and find our calendar. You can find the full articles here, from our blogs. Renee Pfeffer, LPC Intern and Ashley Barkley, LPC. Here is a copy of our very busy calendar:   Calendar of Events Knowing The Signs April 12th, 2-3 FREE Join Acorn Staff and Denton Regional Suicide […]

#1 Free Tech App

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#1 Parenting App I’ve gotten for free! Yeah, sounds like one of those best of lists for the end of the year. But this tech app is wonderful and easy and just plain nice to have. Let me start at the beginning. My work as a therapist exposes me to a lot of information about […]