Connecting: Manufacturing Space for Relationship

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A Picture Paints a Thousand Words When you hear this expression, I imagine your mind drifts to a time that you looked at a picture in disbelief, knowing it was depicting a revelation, a conversation, or an experience you once had but just couldn’t put words to. I was listening to Alistair Begg this morning […]


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Struggle I am the sweat that runs down your cheek as you work. I am the studying you do before a hard test. I am the hard journey that makes you strong enough for the ambush. I am the minor bumps in the road that make you ready for the big ones. I am the […]

Child Parent Relationship Training

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Some of the most effective treatments for children who are having emotional and behavioral problems are play therapy and filial therapy. The Center for Play Therapy has created a wonderful class that teaches the principles of play therapy to parents in Child Parent Relationship Training. Parents learn to use play to get into their child’s […]

Parent Education Program

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Parent Education Program for February Its that time again! We are developing a new class for our parent education program–PEP!  Each month, we will have a class the second Saturday at 2 pm. We are also developing an email list so we can send updates about new classes, programs, therapists, blogs. You don’t have to […]

A Peppy New Year Resolution

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      Good therapy is a lot of times about creating a vision of who you want to be and learning how to develop into that person. New Year Resolutions are great ways to do this without the help of a therapist, but without support, many of them go by the wayside. We can […]

Fall WebBrochure!

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webbrochure fall 2014 Play is Therapeutic! Learning to play, speaking your child’s language and helping them problem solve in a developmentally appropriate way—this is our dream for you! We are beginning a series of groups that will help to underscore the importance of play in the learning process. Some groups teach parents to be their […]

Easy Ways to Bless Acorn CES

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Bless those who bless you! Showing gratitude is an important way of cementing, acknowledging and growing a relationship. Therapy is at its core a very personal relationship and while you do attend, work on issues, and pay for services, there are other ways to show gratitude. First, let your provider know how you feel about […]

Find Your Voice in Counseling

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Find your voice. Your experiences, your life, your story, they are essential to who you are as a person and who and how we are meant to interact. Too often, I find that those who visit my office have learned early and well how to hide their true voices, to not see or feel their […]