Scriptures And Affirmations For Parents

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A parent picks up a child from Mother’s Day Out. A normally high energy child plops down on my chair and sighs. Their head hits the couch behind them and he refuses to meet my eyes. “Hard day, huh?” “Mom” the small voice sighs. “Am I going to Hell?” My heart stops and I immediately […]

Planning with Intentionality: Bullet Journaling

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We’ve all been there: you make plans with the best of intentions, even putting them into the calendar on your phone, and you insist that you won’t forget. The day comes around, you are sitting at home and get a message from your friend asking where you are, and you panic. How could you have […]

New Adolescent and Adult Counselor Intern

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Counseling can be a powerful tool for learning new things about yourself and new ways to respond to situations. You don’t have to feel trapped by your emotions or your thoughts or the way you’ve always been. Give yourself some space to share and process your hurts and your patterns and I will strive to […]

Self-Care in a Selfish World

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How Can You Be So Selfish! Old habits are hard to break.  Even harder around the holidays.  Tight schedules at work, financial pressures, crowded spaces around town, and let’s face it – family dynamics, especially extended family dynamics – can get us off center.  Triggers that we normally breathe through can feel more potent, or […]

Connecting: Manufacturing Space for Relationship

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A Picture Paints a Thousand Words When you hear this expression, I imagine your mind drifts to a time that you looked at a picture in disbelief, knowing it was depicting a revelation, a conversation, or an experience you once had but just couldn’t put words to. I was listening to Alistair Begg this morning […]


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Struggle I am the sweat that runs down your cheek as you work. I am the studying you do before a hard test. I am the hard journey that makes you strong enough for the ambush. I am the minor bumps in the road that make you ready for the big ones. I am the […]

Child Parent Relationship Training

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Some of the most effective treatments for children who are having emotional and behavioral problems are play therapy and filial therapy. The Center for Play Therapy has created a wonderful class that teaches the principles of play therapy to parents in Child Parent Relationship Training. Parents learn to use play to get into their child’s […]