DBT Skills: How to Change Your Emotions

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If you didn’t have the opportunity to read my last blog, I’d suggest checking it out before reading this one. As I mentioned in my discussion of emotional regulation, it is very common for people to come to counseling hoping to control their emotions. However, emotions are not always controllable. But with the skills of […]

DBT Skills: Emotion Regulation

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I hear it all the time: “I need to get my emotions under control!” or “How do I stop feeling this way?” At times, it may seem like if you could just control your emotions, most of your problems would be fixed! You try all kinds of methods for doing this: emotional eating, distracting yourself, […]

Mindfulness: DBT Skill

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    How often do  you find yourself on your smart phone, scrolling through Facebook or playing Candy Crush, with no memory of having picked it up or why you felt the need to be on it? Or how often do you realize, in the middle of driving to work, that you have no memory of […]

Eating and Identity

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“You are what you eat.” I don’t know about you, but I’ve never considered myself to be a plate of chilaquiles and two scoops of ice cream. This old adage that the food you eat becomes you may seem far-fetched when stated so blatantly, but isn’t this what today’s culture asks us to believe about […]

Letting the Air Out of the Ball

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Usually clients come to counseling because of symptoms that they have never experienced before such as anxiety, panic attacks, unexplained anger, and feeling more depressed. They go on to say their lives are good and have coped well before but are now are confused at their unexpected inability to cope. As I hear their story, […]

Root Cause

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Have you ever felt scared, anxious, or depressed, but couldn’t identify what was going on that would cause you to feel that way? Some clients come into counseling not being able to put a finger on why they feel the way they do since everything seems to be going well. I’ve listened to many people […]

When Healthy Eating Becomes an Obsession

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How long has it been since you last saw an advertisement for food or a diet that promised you everything you ever wanted by eliminating an ingredient, a food group, or following a set of rules? I’d say you’re lucky if you can make it more than a day without these messages being communicated to […]

Encouragement: We Can Do Hard Things

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“We can do hard things.” This is a saying that I’ve been hearing lately. Maybe it’s an encouragement that when faced with a new challenge or walking through difficult circumstances that we can get through it. “We can do hard things” recently came into play for me when I had to address a medical situation. […]