Homeschool Helps: Teens and Social Media

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One of the perks of being a homeschool family is amount of time we have to work on our communication skills with one another. Homeschooling has afforded us a lot of space in which we can have meaningful conversations, and hear one another well. 3 Approaches To Social Media Communicating face to face is one […]

Empathy and School Violence

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Empathy is a concept easily talked about but much less easily understood.  Furthermore, the application of true empathy can be immensely challenging. The basic definition of empathy is the attempt of imagining or trying to share the feelings of another.  Empathy is also often confused with sympathy. Sympathy incorporates feelings of sadness or sorrow for […]


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“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.”— Martin Luther King, Jr. on diversity Connecting with others When is the last time you invited friends to your home who’s culture, lifestyle, skin color, or belief system differed largely […]

Be The Change: Social Skills To End School Violence

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Ashley Barkley is on a mission. A former school counselor and Acorn’s adolescent therapist, Ashley wants to help our high school and middle school students end school violence. They can change the face of our schools. She talks about empowering students to fight school violence with social skills. She has a 5 step process to […]

School Violence: Bringing Light to a Dark Issue

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Every day, headlines are becoming more devastating in the realm of school climate.  Polarizing politics involving gun control and mental health regulations, make us overwhelmed and incapable of making positive and lasting changes.  As a parent and mental health professional, I began thinking about what I could do. These are a few ideas that can […]