Letting the Air Out of the Ball

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Usually clients come to counseling because of symptoms that they have never experienced before such as anxiety, panic attacks, unexplained anger, and feeling more depressed. They go on to say their lives are good and have coped well before but are now are confused at their unexpected inability to cope. As I hear their story, […]

Root Cause

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Have you ever felt scared, anxious, or depressed, but couldn’t identify what was going on that would cause you to feel that way? Some clients come into counseling not being able to put a finger on why they feel the way they do since everything seems to be going well. I’ve listened to many people […]

Encouragement: We Can Do Hard Things

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“We can do hard things.” This is a saying that I’ve been hearing lately. Maybe it’s an encouragement that when faced with a new challenge or walking through difficult circumstances that we can get through it. “We can do hard things” recently came into play for me when I had to address a medical situation. […]

Curiosity Instead of Judgement

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I admit it. There have been many times where I’ve been hard on myself. It’s so easy to be critical or have high expectations of oneself. When I first attended counseling, my counselor asked me if I could begin to treat myself like I would treat a friend. I thought, what a novel idea! Of […]

Therapeutic Journaling

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Have you ever felt stuck in a feeling or circumstance wanting to move forward but not being able to get there? I was feeling this way recently and I’m so thankful I was reminded of the power of journaling. When you journal, you freely write whatever comes to your heart and mind, letting your thoughts […]

What to do in the waiting

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There are many times we have to wait for things. Maybe you are Waiting to hear about a possible job offer. Waiting for medical results or to get a procedure done. Waiting for academic results or admissions into a college. What do we do in the in-between time, a time where you have to wait, […]

Choices: Saying Yes to the Best

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How do we know what’s the best answer when it comes to larger life questions such as changing jobs, moving, having children, or many other decisions that are big to each individual? Are there questions that we can ask that may help determine the best answer when there seems like so many good choices? Of […]

Receiving Support

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Isolation kills. We all need regular support, especially when we are moving through tough times in our lives. Studies show that both children and animals decline in many ways if they aren’t given consistent expressed love and touch. Without support systems, adults also decline. What kind of support do you need to reach your goals […]

Underlying beliefs

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“Boys don’t cry. Build a bridge and get over it. It’s a man’s world. Women aren’t as capable as men. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” Have you ever heard one of these sayings? Maybe you have heard something like these growing up and still wonder if you believe it? […]