Technology: The Good, The Bad And The Boundary

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The Good Technology is a wonderful way to engage young minds and supplement learning.  Games, shows, and videos are stimulating and captivating!  YouTube has taught my family how to fix a myriad of household troubles as well as entertained our family with silly videos and shows. Visual learning is a primary form of intaking and […]

Screen Time: What We Know And What To Do About It

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Sometimes as a professional, I get to attend a training that change my thoughts on parenting. I had one such shift last Friday, listening to Dr. Lisa Elliot speak at the WATCH Wellness Workshop. She was presenting on social media and video games and their effect on our brains. Like all of us, I knew […]

Free Social Skills Class at Acorn

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Social skills like listening, identifying feelings and communicating feelings well are central to creating and maintaining relationships. School Counselors teach social skills to classrooms full of students on a regular basis. Ashley Smith, Acorn’s practicum student for the semester, will modify these classes for a more focused experience for your child. With Ashley’s experience with […]

Tough Talks: Focus

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Focus. My husband teaches photography at a local high school. He repeats over and over instructions on how to get a beautiful, clear picture. He teaches focusing with different kinds of cameras, but he also talks about different points of focus, and how to use elements in the photo to draw the observer’s eye to […]

Mindfulness: A PsychoEducational Experience

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Sign Up! Laura Lanier would like to invite all those who are interested to attend a free psychoeducational experience. She will teach about mindfulness in a comfortable group setting and provide a short demonstration of grounding. For a printable flyer, click on the image. DATE:   September 7th TIME:  6:00pm – 7:00pm PRICE: Free LOCATION:  Acorn […]

Tough Talks: Be Curious Do’s and Don’ts

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Be Curious. Mom, Dad, and Sam eat dinner after the first day of school. Mom tells about her day, Dad tells about his and both ask Sam about his. He says ‘Fine’. Mom and Dad, sigh, roll their eyes and go back to the salad. It really doesn’t have to be this way! You can […]

Signup For Our Email List!

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Acorn Counseling Education Services is committed to strengthening our community through education via our email list. One of our favorite ways to educate Denton, Corinth and the surrounding areas is to provide easy to understand, evidence based information about mental health. We send out emails, promote events, and run groups that can help provide the […]

Step 2 to Tough Talks: Be Clear

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Parents in the past have talked about tough talks without being clear. You know the obscure metaphor of the birds and the bees? I’ll bet you have examples right now of metaphors and obscure references adults used to teach you about important topics that still confuse you. Today, you will learn 3 steps to being […]