Couple Chat- Is the Message Getting Through?

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Are you new in a relationship or have you been together a while? Are you still star-struck or has the sparkle worn off a bit (or a lot)? Wherever you find yourself there are some things to consider about how you talk and interact together.  Learn to Couple Chat! WORDS are powerful The way you […]

Priorities: What’s Really Important?

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There are many times in life when stuff happens and there are changes that can really create an emotional storm if you allow it. Some of these whirlwind changes can include transitioning to a new job, retirement, a new baby is born, or a parent comes to live with you just to name a few. […]

Summer Memories

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Let’s face it, summer can be really HOT. Other than that, what do you remember about summer as a child? Were you outside more with friends, at summer camp, or in a child care center going on field trips. During the busy school year, there is a rhythm and routine associated with school activities and […]

How to S.E.A.L. Your Relationship

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Does it seem that the world just keeps spinning faster and there is less time to do the things you’d like to do- like spending time with your significant other? Have you forgotten why you got together in the first place? Maybe you are wondering “Where did the Love go?” Well… you are not alone. […]

Family Summer Survival Tips

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School’s out for the summer!! This is a time for making memories, relaxing, and some well- deserved time away from the routine of the fall and spring. Ok, let’s face it… along with the fun and unstructured time, there can be some challenges. Below are some tips and tricks that I found helpful for enjoying […]

My Financial Journey

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Financial Freedom begins with Financial Literacy Pam Rinn recently had a great Wellness Wednesday where she shared her Financial Journey. She kindly recorded a few moments to allow the rest of us to learn from her experiences. As a marriage and family therapist, she knows that a healthy relationship with money eases pressures on other […]

Financial Literacy 101: Money and Graduation

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What We Don’t Know About Money Can Hurt Us Congratulations! You or your son or daughter will soon be graduating from high school or college. What a great milestone in the life of a young adult. The world is opening up and there are so many opportunities. Guess what? This is also a time many […]

When Tragedy Happens

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We have all seen tragedy in the news feeds. We hear about school shootings, tornadoes, and terrible car wrecks. Do you shake your head and say “Good Grief! What next!!” I do. So what are we supposed to do with all the  messy emotions that come along with tragedy? Visible coping skills may include voicing […]

What is Systemic Family Therapy?

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We are all in this together! There is not an individual, couple, or family that doesn’t need a bit of help working through issues or situations. The strategies you have been using so far aren’t getting you the results you’d like.   If so, consider meeting with a systemic family therapist. Here’s the basic principle… […]