Physical Activity: Move Your Body!

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We have an expectation in our family about physical activity. The expectation is that it’s mandatory! Each day, we plan to move our bodies in some way. Some days it may be going to the gym, others it may be walking around the zoo or riding scooters/bikes around the neighborhood. If the weather is cold […]

Empathy: School Violence Series Part 2

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Empathy is a concept easily talked about but much less easily understood.  Furthermore, the application of true empathy can be immensely challenging. The basic definition of empathy is the attempt of imagining or trying to share the feelings of another.  Empathy is also often confused with sympathy. Sympathy incorporates feelings of sadness or sorrow for […]


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“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.”— Martin Luther King, Jr. on diversity Connecting with others When is the last time you invited friends to your home who’s culture, lifestyle, skin color, or belief system differed largely […]

Be The Change: Social Skills To End School Violence

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Ashley Barkley is on a mission. A former school counselor and Acorn’s adolescent therapist, Ashley wants to help our high school and middle school students end school violence. They can change the face of our schools. She talks about empowering students to fight school violence with social skills. She has a 5 step process to […]

Living Tenaciously

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A man had a tenacious dream to open his own restaurant in New Orleans but real estate was pricey.  A few years ago, he made it to the show “Chopped”.  He planned to use the winnings as a downpayment for his dream.  He made it to the final round but cut his finger so badly […]

Sports: Prime time or Overtime

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Youth Sports. There is nothing that brings joy to a parent’s heart quite like seeing their little ballerina dancing across a stage in full (and most darling!) costume or watching their soccer player, all knees and elbows, running wildly across the field after scoring a goal.   Sports are commonly encouraged in children to help […]

Building Intentional Community

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Village People It’s 8:45am and I need to drop my 2-year-old off at Mother’s Day Out to make it to work in time.  I get her loaded in the car and try to start it.  Nothing.  My battery is dead and my husband is traveling for work.  We have no family that lives in town. […]