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Christy Graham
There are many therapy choices we can offer. We also have a wide knowledge base of competent co-parenting coordinators, mediators, and therapists that can work to develop a treatment plan for your situation. We will work with you to find just the right treatment for your goals--even if it isn't with us!

About Christy Graham

My growing up years were spent all over Texas and Kansas, but I graduated from high school in Conroe. College Station was my home in undergrad--WHOOP!--and once I received my BA in Psychology at Texas A & M, I moved on to Sam Houston State University for my masters in Clinical Psychology.

My work as a therapist started in 1999 at a Mental Health Mental Retardation center. I first worked with adults diagnosed with chronic mental health issues and then moved to work with children and families. I was fully licensed by the state of Texas in 2000 and received my registration as a play therapist in 2001.

My family moved to Denton in 2001 and I began working with extremely traumatized children who were unsafe for themselves and others. My work changed substantially in 2003 when I became a mother for the first time and a private Christian therapist. I've been working with children, families, and traumatized women since then while learning to integrate my life as a wife, mother, and Christian. Working with clients, courts, and schools is never boring, but God is good!

Recently, I have moved to a no insurance practice. My unique experience and qualifications, as well as my desire to serve my clients, not the insurance companies, has motivated me to redirect my energies from reimbursement to clients.

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Ashley Barkley, LPC

I entered the field of counseling and mental health in 2004 based on my love and interest in interacting with people. I felt drawn to a helping profession as I recognized how the course of my life had changed based on the positive influences of others in my life.

I am from Oklahoma and graduated from the University of Oklahoma twice (Boomer Sooner!). In 2005, I graduated with my degree in Psychology and a minor in Philosophy. I completed my Master’s in Education with an emphasis in Community Counseling in 2009. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with 7 years of experience.

I began my career in the reunification of children and families who had been in the foster care system in Oklahoma. I am familiar with the court system and feel passionately about helping families learn to parent effectively together in challenging situations.

In 2010, I became a school counselor. This provided me with a great understanding of schools and the struggles that children often face in a group setting. I believe that environment plays a large role in healthy functioning so something unique that I offer clients in conjunction with office therapy is a one or two session observation of the client in their natural environment (i.e. home, school, daycare).

I have worked in many areas of the counseling field and have truly loved the different dynamics that they offer. My focus has been children and families but I enjoy working with a variety of people.

I moved to Denton two years ago, and while I’m not quite ready to call myself a Texan, I have truly embraced Denton and love the charm and authenticity of the city. I do not take insurance as I feel that it divides my focus from therapy to insurance administration, which is outside of my knowledge base and my passion.

I am so excited to be the newest member at Acorn Counseling EducationServices and I look forward to serving you!


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Dr. Pam Rinn, PhD. LMFT Associate

Life can be hard sometimes. The life you've wanted can seem out of reach due to past emotional scars, loss of hope, being stuck in behaviors that aren't helpful. I recognize that there are times when individuals, couples, and families need a new perspective when they find what has worked before doesn't work now. I have over 25 years of experience helping families with young children and adolescents navigate the life course. I partner with individuals, couples and "empty nesters" to work through challenges to discover support and symptom relief.
Systemic family therapy identifies patterns of coping behaviors that help or get in the way of healthy relationships. Symptom relief and healing are aided by an individualized therapeutic approach which nurtures the whole person or relationship, celebrates unique strengths, and works to promote protective factors.
Contact me at 940-222-8703, ext 705 or email me at [email protected] I can't wait to meet your family!

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Amy Glover-Intern Sharon Beam, M. Ed, LPC-S

In 2011, after being a stay at home mom for eight years, I was led to resume my education and it had to be within the world of mental health. I received my bachelor’s in psychology from Dallas Baptist University in 2013 and continued my education at Mid-America Christian University. Graduating in 2016, I received my master’s degree in licensed professional counseling in 2016, which included a practicum tenure at The Children’s Advocacy Center of Denton County. I have been trained in Natural Lifemanship, an equine assisted approach to therapy and am currently under the professional supervision of Sharon Beam, M. Ed, LPC-S.
I absolutely love being a wife, mother, and homeschool teacher to my three children. In my spare time, I have the privilege to serve on the board of Christian Youth Theater Dallas, co-facilitate a small group at The Village Church in Flower Mound with my husband and am an active member of the Denton County Homeschool Association.
While I have discovered my greatest professional joys lie in working with parents & adolescents, as a homeschool mom, I hold a special place in my heart for the experiences & challenges homeschooling families face. Stepping into the homeschooling space in a professional capacity is something I am excited do & offering services to parents & students who have chosen a homeschool lifestyle is a true pleasure.
My desire as a professional is to walk alongside people through challenging life experiences using approaches that work best for the individual & family. I believe each person brings unique experiences, perspectives, & value to relationships & deserves an equally unique therapeutic approach. I am happy to offer evening hours, flexible daytime hours perfect for homeschooling families, & Saturdays for those with busier schedules during the week.
I am honored to be part of the Acorn team and would consider it a great privilege to walk with you. Please contact at [email protected] / 940-222-9703 ext 702 or let's schedule some time.