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Christy Graham
There are many therapy choices we can offer. We also have a wide knowledge base of competent co-parenting coordinators, mediators, and therapists that can work to develop a treatment plan for your situation. We will work with you to find just the right treatment for your goals--even if it isn't with us!

Christy Graham Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, Registered Play Therapist Supervisor

Growing up in Texas, going to Texas A & M [Whoop!], and being a pastor's kid, I learned how to feel a part of a group. I can teach you to create connection through rituals, stories and fun that translate into a better life for the whole family. Incorporating your religion and other important stories and models of behavior is important to treatment. I use my personal walk as a christian to inform my treatment, even if your beliefs don't exactly match mine.

My work with team oriented practices such as MHMR of Polk County taught me the power of a multidisciplinary team. That translates into great skill and comfort working with schools, child care agencies, and courts for the benefit of my clients. And the experience of working with children at a residential treatment center gives me the perspective and experience needed in highly complex, sometimes dangerous situations with children and teens. If you are looking for a highly experienced, compassionate counselor, I'm your girl!

As our practice has grown, our commitment to complex families has as well. My unique experience and qualifications, as well as my desire to serve my clients, has motivated me to redirect my energies to working with courts and court involved clients. I'm part of several practice groups that focus on best practices in court, collaborative law, and high conflict families.

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Amanda Golden de Duke, Licensed Professional Counselor Intern Supervised By Christy Graham, LPCS RPTS

Does your child seem distant, angry, or difficult to understand?
Through joy and play, I work to connect with children to assess where they are at and guide them to achieve closer relationships, more self control, and better communication. I offer therapy for children ranging from trauma recovery to social interaction and building communication skills and relational understanding.
If your child seems “buried” within themselves and is isolating themselves more and more or if you notice they are nervous or showing strange behavior, bring them to me and we will work together to bring your child on a path of healing and restoration back to who they truly are. Through play, art, and conversation I can help your child overcome their obstacles; ranging from social and behavioral issues to mood and impulse control.
I am also happy to counsel those struggling to decide which area to study or career to choose onward to a path they feel confident is right for them as they get ready to launch on their own. Together, we will set goals and discuss practical ways to take steps toward your desired progress. No judgement; I am here to connect with you and journey alongside you as you take steps toward healing and wholeness.
I am genuine and caring and would be delighted to meet you.

Hola, soy Amanda y quiero ayudarte. La familia es lo mas importante en este mundo. Quieres conectarte con tus hijos/hijas? Si tu hijo/hija esta con dolor, aislado, o no sabes por lo que esta pasando, quiero y puedo ayudarte. Soy Amanda Duke, LPC Intern (aprendiz de Consejeria profesional con licencia), que significa que tengo un supervisor, su nombre es Christy Graham LPC-S que me ayudara a ayudarte, hasta ser completamente una Consejera Profesional con Licencia. Conozco los pro y contra de vivir en una casa bi-cultural. Tengo la certeza que puedo ayudarte a conectarte contigo mismo y con tu familia y de esta manera tengan vida y vivan en abundancia.

Obtained Bachelor of Arts degree from Texas A&M University -Corpus Christi; major in Psychology and emphasis in Health.
Master of Arts degree at Oral Roberts University in Christian Counseling.
Contact me at 940-222-8703, ext 702 or email me at [email protected]

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Dr. Pam Rinn, PhD. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate

Life can be hard sometimes. The life you've wanted can seem out of reach due to past emotional scars, loss of hope, being stuck in behaviors that aren't helpful. I recognize that there are times when individuals, couples, and families need a new perspective when they find what has worked before doesn't work now. I have over 25 years of experience helping families with young children and adolescents navigate the life course. I partner with individuals, couples and "empty nesters" to work through challenges to discover support and symptom relief.
Systemic family therapy identifies patterns of coping behaviors that help or get in the way of healthy relationships. Symptom relief and healing are aided by an individualized therapeutic approach which nurtures the whole person or relationship, celebrates unique strengths, and works to promote protective factors.
Contact me at 940-222-8703, ext 705 or email me at [email protected] I can't wait to meet your family!

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Stephanie Mouser, Licensed Professional Counselor Intern supervised by Monya Crow, LPCS

Born and raised in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, I grew up in Flower Mound, TX and traveled a short distance north to Denton for college at TWU as well as UNT. After college I moved to Guam during my husband’s military stay and now we have settled back in Denton since 2009.

The favor of counseling and mental health was first experienced through my own high school counselor which fostered my interest and created true passion for the field. Having taught high school for 8 years and currently working as a high school counselor, I have expanded my experience into private practice and am currently working as an LPC-Intern with plans for full licensure.

Believing in overall wellness, I support counseling in a Godly & holistic way that includes the mind, body, & soul to maximize one’s potential. This world can provide many false hopes & desires that ultimately affects our purpose in life. My beliefs surround that we are all created with greatness that only we can possess. My passion is to counsel & educate others so that they may discover & reach their fullest potential, whatever that may look like for them.

My intention is to incorporate one’s whole mind, body & soul within the counseling setting and includes the use of Young Living essential oils (prior approval will be obtained). If written consent is received, each session will begin with a short 2-3 minute body awareness technique(s). Body awareness is the sense that we have of our own bodies which include our body language our breathe, as well as how we feel. Starting each session being grounded and becoming present in the moment can deepen one’s overall experience. $100 per session
Please contact at [email protected] / 940-222-9703 ext 703 or let's schedule some time.

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Charity Kelly Graduate Student in Marriage and Family

Charity provides low cost no cost counseling under site supervision by Christy Graham, LPCS and clinical supervision by Wade Bates, LMFT S. Contact her 940-222-8703 x 704 or by email to schedule. [email protected]