Bullet Journal: Journal for Mental Health

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In case you missed it, I wrote a blog earlier, “Planning With Intentionality,” giving an introduction to the bullet journal, as well as some basics for starting one. It is essentially a do-it-yourself planner, but it can be used for much more than simply planning. The bullet journal can be an incredibly useful tool for […]

What to do in the waiting

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There are many times we have to wait for things. Maybe you are Waiting to hear about a possible job offer. Waiting for medical results or to get a procedure done. Waiting for academic results or admissions into a college. What do we do in the in-between time, a time where you have to wait, […]

Choices: Saying Yes to the Best

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How do we know what’s the best answer when it comes to larger life questions such as changing jobs, moving, having children, or many other decisions that are big to each individual? Are there questions that we can ask that may help determine the best answer when there seems like so many good choices? Of […]