Planning with Intentionality: Bullet Journaling

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We’ve all been there: you make plans with the best of intentions, even putting them into the calendar on your phone, and you insist that you won’t forget. The day comes around, you are sitting at home and get a message from your friend asking where you are, and you panic. How could you have […]

Why I Didn’t Lose Weight for My Wedding

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It’s wedding and engagement season. And while you don’t have to be in the wedding planning world to be inundated with the message that your body isn’t good enough, there is perhaps no other time when your size and body shape becomes everyone else’s business, whether you like it or not, than the months leading […]

Resolution Support!

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New Education /Wellness Program 2017 Change is hard. Many of us are working on making changes to our lives in the new year, and it can be really difficult to do. Need some help? We offer a free support service where our clinicians help to empower your resolution through supportive communications! You tell us your […]