My Kid? Misbehave at school?!

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Ridin along in my automobile. My baby beside, me at the wheel. I stole a hug at the school turnstile. My curiosity runnin wild. Cruisin and playin the radio, With no particular place to go. Life is Good And then… ask how their day went. “Mom, my teacher is too strict. I’ve already been to […]

Count Your Blessings: 1 Year of Service at Corinth Office Suites at Oakmont

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These are the faces of the ladies of Acorn. We opened our offices 1 year ago, August 31st. Since then we have provided: 1,220 client hours of onsite therapeutic services 119 direct supervision hours for new clinicians 4 community contact opportunities on premises meeting with referral sources and learning about ways to coordinate services in […]