‘I can’t handle it anymore, all by myself! Our family has to get help or I don’t know what will happen.’

We Are Here. We Care. We Understand.

Acorn Counseling ImageYou may feel helpless and hopeless, but our caring staff can help you find the counseling, support and understanding you need to make the changes you want.

Counseling And Education Can Help.

Work with a skilled, dedicated counselor who can assist you in dealing with divorce, trauma, and life changes. Change comes from insight and experience throughout life. Acorn offers opportunities for change and growth in multiple ways; from one on one counseling to from classes and groups where others colearn with you.

Counseling focuses on developing relationships within the family. We have specialists in child, family, substance abuse, and adolescent therapy. We offer education for parenting, DWI violations, and professional growth. Life is complicated and we can help!

Christian Counseling from an evidence-based perspective.

Our Christian counselors focus on being expert in family systems, interpersonal issues, and emotional regulation. Pairing our training with your lived experience allows us to strengthen each person, and relationship, in the family. While we identify as Christian, working with those outside our worldview happens all the time. We don’t agree with everyone in our Sunday School, so our focus remains on assisting each client in integrating their world view more fully into the treatment. Sometimes that takes a bit of ‘translating’, but that simply allows clients to clarify their beliefs for themselves and articulate them for others.

Our evidence-based practices come from perspectives like the Gottman Institute, Emotion Focused Couples Therapy, the Center for Play Therapy, Adlerian Play Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Our counselors believe the entire family can assist with and be effected by treatment. We strive to find new and evidenced based research on the approaches we use and educate ourselves on these approaches.

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Learn to navigate parenting issues, marital troubles, and issues from our past. Integrating your world view into your lifestyle can be difficult–especially when we feel so disconnected from others. Find free content in our counseling and education blog, sign up to get blogs and event updates by email. If these resources aren’t enough, call for free consultation to talk about the many services we have to help your family.

If we can’t help you, we know who in Denton County can! 940-222-8703 or Christy’s email.

WEEKEND, EVENING APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE. 1430 Robinson Road #430 Corinth, Texas 76210.

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