‘I can’t handle it anymore, all by myself! We have to get help or I don’t know what will happen.’

We Are Here. We Care. We Understand.

Acorn Counseling ImageYou may feel helpless and hopeless, but our caring staff  can help you find the counseling, support and understanding you need to make the changes you want.

Work with a skilled, dedicated, experienced counselor who can assist you in dealing with divorce, trauma, and life changes. Counseling focuses on developing relationships within the family through individual therapy for the child, parenting assistance, and family interventions. Life is complicated and we can help!

Learning to navigate parenting issues, marital troubles, issues from our past, and integrating our world view into our lifestyle can be difficult–especially when we feel so disconnected from others. Find free content in our counseling and education blog, come to our parenting and relationship classes. If these resources aren’t enough, call for an intake session to talk about the many choices you have in dealing with your family’s problems. Access your online HIPAA compliant account, and learn all about our staff on this website.

If we can’t help you, we know who in Denton County can! 940-222-8703 or Christy’s email.

WEEKEND, EVENING APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE. 1430 Robinson Road #430 Corinth, Texas 76210.